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5 Innovative Companies Hiring Now for DevRel

Are you a skilled software developer in search of an exciting new career path? If so, then consider looking at DevRel jobs as one possibility! With the rapid growth of software development, there has also been a tremendous increase in the demand for talented individuals to act as liaisons between developers and tech companies. This ever-growing market is filled with some incredibly attractive prospects – from big-name companies to cutting-edge startups. Read on to learn about three hot companies now hiring for DevRel roles that are worth considering for your next move!


Aklivity, located in the Silicon Valley hub of Palo Alto, has created Zilla - an API platform that facilitates effortless deployment and management of APIs within event-driven architectures. By natively supporting a range of popular network and messaging protocols such as Kafka, it effortlessly connects external clients to relevant event streams without having to rely on intermediaries or brokers.

Founded in 2021, Aklivity's team is growing and they are looking for a Head of Developer Experience to join their amazing team.

You would be creating technical content, contributing to Zilla’s adoption and growth, collaborating with engineering teams, working with customers & product support, and speaking at online & offline events. Aklivity offers generous stock options, remote working arrangements, and supports your personal learning & development!

If you would like to help shape the future of API connectivity, Aklivity is looking forward to meeting you!

Hygraph (previously GraphCMS)

As pioneers in the world of GraphQL-based Headless CMSs, Hygraph seeks to deliver an unparalleled user experience by streamlining content management with powerful JavaScript technologies. The story began back in 2015 when two likeminded software developers joined forces to craft their vision - and this intrepid spirit remains embedded within the company's culture today!

With a multi-national distributed team boasting remote contributors from around the globe, along with experts at its Berlin HQ, Hygraph is poised for success as it continues innovating on behalf of its users.

Hygraph's team is currently hiring for three DevRel opportunities - one of them within Developer Education and two others in Community & Outreach.

Inworld AI

Inworld was created in 2021 by a team of experts and innovators who specialize in conversational AI and generative models. With an international team and headquarters in Mountain View, CA, they are building technology that will transform pop culture, entertainment, human-to-machine communication, and immersive experiences.

Some of the benefits of working at Inworld are remote friendliness, flexible work hours, unlimited PTO and tech setup of your choice!

Inworld is currently hiring for three DevRel roles which can be carried out remotely from USA or Canada:

Matter Labs

Matter Labs is at the forefront of blockchain technology and blazing a trail towards mainstream adoption with its zero-knowledge Proofs. Through their mission, they are accelerating this financial revolution by enabling our world to handle transactions faster and cheaper via their zkSync platform in production since summer 2020 - making crypto payments accessible for everyone! And it doesn't stop there – soon you'll be able to scale complex smart contracts securely on the Ethereum network too! Plus, all Matter Labs' developments remain open source.

Matter Labs is a company that pushes forward with ambition and determination – motivated by stringent results-driven goals. Their workplace culture celebrates freedom while respecting individual contributions, such as purposefulness, creativity and directness in order to stay ahead of the curve within security systems and adhere to paranoiac adversarial thinking. The company's head office is in Berlin but they work with great people across Europe and around the world remotely.

Matter Labs is currently hiring for:

BNB Chain

BNB Chain provides developers with an innovative Web3 blockchain infrastructure. Through tutorials, grants, and a supportive ecosystem Binance has made it easier than ever to build dApps for massive user bases. With their MetaFi efforts firmly in place, the underlying technology of the "world's parallel virtual environment" is now available on this revolutionary chain; enabling new levels of interoperability throughout its native dApp -Binance DEX!

One of the main benefits of working at BNB Chain is remote-friendliness, but the company also offers competitive salaries, flexible working hours, and great career development opportunities.

BNB Chain is currently hiring for:

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