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Developer Advocacy



Nov 1

About the Job

As a Developer Advocate at Speakeasy, you will be responsible for building and nurturing our developer outreach and engagement. You’ll help educate IC developers, team leads and CTOs on the importance of our mission and how it can drive real value for them.

Job Responsibilities

This role is multi-faceted. A successful Developer Advocate will own initiatives such as:

  • Driving our thought leadership in API engineering and best practices, representing Speakeasy at events, and writing and speaking on topics such as OpenAPI standards and the future of API platforms
  • Working with developer influencers and other partners to craft copy, videos, podcasts and other assets to ensure that our message reaches developers where they are
  • Creating attention-grabbing resources from ebooks to blog posts, to website pages and more
  • Working with our customers to create effective case studies, and work with our dev team to translate how new features and product releases drive exceptional results for our potential customers
  • Engaging frequently with developers in communities and forums, championing Speakeasy and providing market feedback to our team

Skills & Experience

  • High ownership and “GSD” / execution mentality: this should go without saying, but at a startup, the ability to identify what needs to be done and then to execute that thing rapidly and autonomously is table stakes. We believe in context over control, and trust each other to own outcomes and drive to completion
  • Highly agile and thrives under ambiguity: there are no set structures or processes, and we experiment rapidly. To succeed, you’ll need to be comfortable forming a point of view and driving an agenda. When things don’t work, you’ll embrace shifting priorities
  • Technically proficient: you’ll be interacting with developers day-in and day-out. To be effective, you’ll need to get very hands-on and in the weeds on details ranging from OpenAPI specifications, to programming idioms, to Speakeasy’s product. You will have been a developer before. If you still love shipping code — dreaming up exciting content and then shipping it — that’s a huge bonus!
  • Developer empathy and exceptional communication, both verbal and written. You need to understand our audience, what they care about and what is most convincing to them. You need to be able to switch from the 35,000 foot macro view to the micro “hands-on” tutorial — sometimes in the same presentation, webinar or tutorial

What should you know about us?

  • We’re a remote team split between PST and GMT. This has its advantages and disadvantages. We follow async processes pretty well but it's not perfect. You’ll help us get there
  • We're a small team of 11. We are collaborative and supportive of each other, but believe in high ownership and autonomy.
  • We are ambitious, passionate about what we do, and seek to be exceptional. If you are looking for a place to clock in and out or punch a ticket, we are likely not a good fit for you
  • We serve tens of thousands of users, with customers from startups to large enterprises

Job Benefits

  • Unlimited PTO. We’ll bug you if you don’t take enough time off. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Team off-sites and a travel budget to go to conferences and in person collaborations
  • Best in class healthcare (medical / dental / vision at 100% for you) and 401K in the USA; private healthcare and pension plan for UK.
  • WFH budget: choose your own perfect setup!

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