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Sep 19

About the Job is a fully remote (Singapore HQ) startup, building a low code development devtool platform to help accelerate developers & designers to launch their core web/mobile products 5-10x faster. Having raised $7.4M in seed funding from the likes of Northstar Ventures, Accel, January Capital, Golden-Gate Ventures, BoldCap and backed by founders of Dropbox, Ola, Lottiefiles, Hasura, Holistics, Wego, Paysense, GajiGesa, Ohmyhome, 1bstories, Cyber-Sierra, it launched its beta platform in January 2022.

We're young, but we've made some serious progress - our Product Hunt launch in July 2022 was really encouraging and our community feedback has been strong! We got #1 Product of the Day, Week and Month subsequently along with #1 Developer Tool and #1 Design Tool of the Day, Week and Month, and it's been a crazy ride ever since!

The founders have held CxO roles in Product & Technology at some of Asia’s top startups covering Gaming, Travel, Fintech, Healthtech and SaaS, and won multiple awards for their products globally. After years building these products, they’re now determined to build a devtools SaaS platform from South-East Asia to improve the lives of product & engineering teams globally!

At the heart of everything, Locofy's mission is to build for builders i.e. developers, designers & product managers. As builders ourselves, we want to allow anyone with any idea to be able to build world-class products with lean teams, by empowering their teams with digital steroids to move faster!

Be an early employee!

This is a great opportunity to be an early employee member and work closely with the founders to shape the product & company culture from the ground up. The position comes with attractive equity & you can work from anywhere in the world (we’re building a remote company)!

Job Location

We’re building a remote company, and where you’re based does not matter! What matters is trust & accountability and the will to build a world class product.

Job Overview

We are looking for a Developer Advocate who can create interface with the developer community, help build the Locofy community of champions, organise developer events and create useful content (in-depth technical videos and docs) showing the power of our platform. This role will require you to do meetups and demos, and support the community to ensure they are having a great experience. An ideal candidate is someone who has a strong frontend/app developer background along with experience in creating video content. This is an early member role as an early employee and we intend to ensure there is a significant upside for taking on the risk of joining an early stage startup!

Job Responsibilities

  • Engage the community and help build a team of Locofy champions
  • Create technical docs and product videos for the community
  • Talk with power users and community members, conduct demos and support users to succeed using the product and collect feedback & insights
  • Influence the product roadmap to deliver impact to the community, with their feedback
  • Creating GTM content for our feature launches (docs, emails, launch videos, and more)

Skills & Experience

  • Deep frontend/ mobile app development background (3+ years)
  • Must have great technical writing and video creation and editing skills
  • Must love talking with the community and getting the community's work showcased
  • Experience working in a fast moving startup is mandatory given the nature of the job
  • Strong understanding of the dev tooling space is a must
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to convey highly-technical concepts clearly and precisely
  • Familiarity and interest in low-code development
  • Familiar with other web and app framework and their building blocks, strengths and differences (experience with React/ React Native or another popular framework as an anchor is a must)
  • Independent and self-driven with the ability to own projects end-to-end
  • Exhibit a high degree of ownership and accountability
  • Ability to work in a remote collaborative environment and possess advance problem solving skills

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