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About the Job

Weaviate is a remote-first tech start-up that thinks big and has a vector-based database at the forefront of database technology. It uses AI and machine learning to organize and search data in a completely new way. Weaviate is a semantic search engine that enables companies to create meaningful insights from their unstructured data. With over 1.5 million downloads, Weaviate continues to grow in popularity. It is currently used in e-commerce, facial recognition, anti-fraud, packaging, and chat applications.

Our entire team works remotely across the globe because we believe in the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time. Our people experience this as a massive benefit! Our people are therefore comfortable working independently, proactive, they take ownership, and our people communicate effectively.

As a Developer Advocate, you will wear many hats, from speaking at events, participating in hackathons, writing blog posts, designing tutorials, and creating engaging videos to fostering our community.

This role has a strong focus on the JavaScript developer community and ecosystem, which includes many JS-based frameworks. We need someone who is part of the JavaScript community, with proven public speaking experience, and a great overview of the hot conferences and engaging meetups, and a way into the JS developer’s heart.

A big part of the role is understanding the JavaScript-way, and advocating internally for the best Developer Experience for JS developers. You will help us gather feedback, provide recommendations on changes we should implement, maybe even implement some of them, and share it back with the community.

And of course, you will help us create great content (blogs, tutorials, workshops, talks, etc) to make Weaviate a joy to build with.

Being a great Developer Advocate is a two-way street. In one way, you will go out there to educate and raise awareness of Weaviate. But you will also listen and learn from the community to drive a positive change in the company.

Skills & Experience

  • 3+ years of experience as Developer Advocate or a similar position.
  • A great understanding of how tech communities work.
  • You speak regularly at JS conferences and meetups.
  • You like to travel and are eager to meet the community.
  • You create engaging and educational content (blogs, videos, tutorials, etc).
  • Experience writing code in JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • You are excited about the new AI developments and want to be a part of it.
  • You are friendly, love to collaborate, and a great communicator.


  • Experience writing code in one of the following languages Python, Go, Java.
  • Experience with working on JavaScript projects in production.
  • Hands-on experience with machine learning and/or databases.

Your First 30/60/90 Days

Your first three months in this role are very likely to look like this:

First 30 days – Meet, Learn and review DX experience:

  • Meet a lot of people in the company.
  • Get to know the company culture and the way we work at Weaviate.
  • Learn about Weaviate.
  • Go through the getting started journey and compile a feedback report.
  • Dive into Weaviate’s DX and create an improvements wishlist.
  • Compile a list for relevant communities, events and spaces where we could bring Weaviate.
  • Start applying to JavaScript conferences to speak about Weaviate – usually conferences happen few months later, so you will have time to prepare.
  • Build your first demo project.

31-60 days – Become comfortable with Weaviate and get the ball rolling

  • Continue learning about Weaviate and our use cases.
  • Gather ideas for your own content pieces and conference talk ideas.
  • Publish your first Weaviate blog post.
  • Develop your first Weaviate talk and live demo.
  • Participate at local meetups and (maybe) a hackathon.
  • Pick your first DX initiative, define it, and get it rolling.
  • Research what others do in the area and propose ideas.

61+ days – Spread the word and Drive DX at Weaviate

  • Keep learning and building with Weaviate.
  • Be active in the JS developer community.
  • Actively look for opportunities to spread the word about Weaviate.
  • apply, speak, gather feedback, rinse and repeat.
  • Inspire developers to get hands-on experience.
  • Run workshops (online/offline), participate in hackathons.
  • Create tutorials and interesting content.
  • Drive DX improvements at Weaviate.
  • Gather feedback from the community.
  • Work with engineers to implement DX improvements.

Job Benefits

  • 100% remote with flexible work hours.
  • Competitive compensation, including paid time off.
  • Budget available to spend on going to conferences, co-working space, home office equipment, etc.
  • Work with very experienced and fun team members.
  • An atmosphere that encourages learning and personal growth, and that gives you lots of freedom, flexibility, and responsibilities.

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