Developer Relations Engineer

United States Remote Only

Full time

$80-140k (annually)

Developer Relations


Aug 30

About the Job

You'll be our first developer relations hire. You'll have full ownership over our documentation, sample code, and blog.

You will have a major role in building a culture centered around customer empathy, and will be working closely with the founders.

You’ll also interact with our customers on a daily basis, gather feedback, and have significant input on new product and company direction.

What it will be like

  • Your work will have an actual impact on our customers. You get to build the foundations of the company and product.
  • No bureaucracy - You’ll own and drive every initiative you work on from start to finish.
  • Massive growth opportunities. And not just on the technical side. Anything you want to learn about the business we’ll teach you.
  • Work with a world-class engineering team tackling interesting technical challenges like operating a large Kubernetes cluster with several thousand CPUs, recording Zoom calls at scale, analyzing dynamic media at near-real time performance.

Job Responsibilities

  • Respond to customers in our shared Slack channels, and debug technical problems they face, contributing fixes when necessary.
  • Provide feedback to the product team around improving developer experience
  • Develop sample code, documentation, and demos to showcase our products and technologies.
  • Lead initiatives aimed at improving developer experience, such as improving documentation and building SDKs
  • Collaborate with developers to write deeply technical blog posts as well as with the go-to-market team to write content promoting the product

Skills & Experience

  • Deep customer empathy, including the desire to speak with customers, solve their problems, and contribute to product decisions
  • Strong ability to communicate complex technical topics in a simple and understandable way
  • 3+ years of software development experience

Bonus points:

  • Previously founded a startup. Extra bonus for a dev-tools startup.
  • Developer relations experience at an API company

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