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The Benefits of Becoming a Technical Evangelist

Technical Evangelism is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after positions in the tech industry. Technical Evangelists have an exciting opportunity to combine their passion for technology with their strong communication skills, while demonstrating cutting-edge products and services to audiences of all sizes. Technical Evangelists also get to network with other members of the tech community, learn new skills, and even influence how the industry develops. But what are the main reasons you should be considering a career as a Technical Evangelist?

What is Technical Evangelism

Technical Evangelism, also referred to as Developer Evangelism, is a field of technology marketing that involves promoting new products, services, and technologies through public speaking engagements, demonstrations, webinars, and other forms of outreach. Technical Evangelists are tasked with engaging audiences and conveying the features and benefits of their company's products or services. Technical Evangelists may also be responsible for providing technical guidance, conducting research, and working with developers to create content and marketing materials. As such, they are a key part of developing an engaged community of technology professionals and developers.

The Benefits of Technical Evangelism as a Career Path

Technical Evangelists have the opportunity to gain many benefits through their work. Firstly, they can take advantage of various networking opportunities, allowing them to meet other like-minded professionals and build valuable connections within the industry.

Technical Evangelism also provides a great way to learn new skills and stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends, as marketing a technical product requires profound knowledge. Working closely with software developers, marketers, and other team members, Dev Evangelists create effective marketing materials and campaigns that help demonstrate the company's products or services to audiences.

Technical Evangelists also have the chance to shape how their company's products and services are represented in the marketplace, as well as influence industry developments. Technical Evangelism is an exciting field with a lot of potential for those passionate about technology.

Lastly, Technology Evangelism is a well-paid gig. Glassdoor estimates the average base salary of a Tech Evangelist to be $92,957 with most companies offering attractive extras and bonuses, increasing the average to $130K+.

How to Become a Technical Evangelist

Becoming a Technical Evangelist is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for tech professionals with a passion for technology, strong communication skills, and an aptitude for marketing.

Firstly, it's important to identify the skills necessary for the job: Technical skills, Communication & Presentations Skills, and passion for sharing your knowledge.

Technical Evangelists are usually tasked with engaging audiences and conveying the features and benefits of their company's products or services, so having experience in public speaking, creating content, conducting research, and providing technical guidance is beneficial. Because the products are mostly developer tools, a background as a developer is ideal for understanding the problems and struggles of the target market.

When applying for jobs, it is always important to read about the company requirements, as the role of Tech Evangelists is still not clearly defined and often categorized under DevRel or Developer Marketing, among others.

Examples of Technical Evangelists

Technical Evangelists have a unique opportunity to contribute to the tech industry while engaging with audiences and demonstrating new products or services. Technical evangelism is a growing field, with many successful Technical Evangelists engaging in inspiring stories of success.

With a mission to revolutionize how companies innovate, SAP's global innovation evangelist Timo Elliot is constantly busy. He speaks at up to forty conferences annually, publishes over 100 blog posts and clearly dominates the social sphere with thousands of tweets and comments. His agenda includes strategy sessions for customers as well as interviews and presentations for press outlets or industry analysts - making sure his message of digital transformation reaches all corners of the world.

Abby Fuller is part of a select group at AWS - their technical evangelism team. As Abby describes, no two days as an evangelist are the same: from public speaking engagements to developing tech strategies and everything in between! She notes that her day-to-day experience may not be indicative of everyone on the team too.

As the Chief Evangelist of Hugging Face, Julien Simon works to create a bridge between innovative machine-learning solutions and potential partners. He is an expert in his field, building engaging content for ML-related topics that he proudly shares with the world via social media channels. Additionally, as part of his mission to promote modern technology implementations across industries on both local and international scales - Mr.Simon regularly speaks at conferences around the globe.


Technical evangelism is a rewarding and exciting career path for those who are passionate about technology and have strong communication skills. Technical Evangelists get to engage with audiences, demonstrate new products or services, stay up-to-date with tech trends, network with other professionals in the field, learn new skills such as public speaking and content creation, research emerging technologies and companies, provide technical guidance when needed, and shape the industry through their work. Technical Evangelism provides an excellent platform for aspiring developers or entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in their respective fields while gaining recognition within the Tech community.

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