Developer Relations

How to become a DevRel expert in 2023

Developer Relations must be one of the most versatile job roles out there, with job responsibilities ranging from community management to programming. So if you want to become better as a DevRel professional, what aspects should you be improving? 

Because DevRel job roles are so different from each and often require you to build or create something from scratch, whether that is a tutorial, documentation, developer community or a whole strategy, the best way you can improve your skills is by reading, listening, connecting with other professionals and learning. 

So, in this post we have put together some great resources that can help you to master your knowledge about Developer Relations and get better if you already are working in the field. 

Join slack communities

Slack communities are not just to communicate with your teammates. There are an endless number of communities talking about anything you can think of. Within the DevRel field, DevRelX is one of the biggest communities that you can join to collaborate, learn and find other fellow DevRel professionals. 

Explore video content

The Dev Rel channel on Youtube explores a wide range of specific topics around Developer Relations, while Community Manager Live channel is dedicated to the events and community part of the DevRel field. Tadas Petra also makes a great overview of what DevRel is

Listen to podcasts

Not only are podcasts great to learn while commuting, exercising or making dinner, there seems to be more interview-style content available about people's experiences as DevRel professionals. Check out The Future of DevRel and Databases with Tejas Kumar, and Scaling Developer Success with Kate Holterhoff. Also, Building DevRel Strategy with Sean Falconer is useful for those having been tasked with building a DevRel community from scratch.

Read relevant industry reports

You can find latest industry data in the State of Developer Marketing 2022 report and in the State of Developer Relations 2022

Do you know about any great resources we should include? Feel free to contact us or connect with us on Twitter and TikTok!