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7 Must-Listen DevRel Podcasts To Tune Into Now

Are you looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in developer relations? Listening to podcasts is an invaluable way to gain insights into topics such as community engagement, content production and management, product development, and more. From experienced DevRel professionals offering guidance on best practices to thought-provoking conversations about industry trends – there are many compelling podcast options out there that allow you to stay ahead of the curve. Here we've rounded up 7 must-listen DevRel podcasts for Developer Relations professionals, including intriguing topics ranging from DevRel hardships to employee resource groups.

Technology Integration and Optimization with Adam Ballhaussen - Adam is an experienced leader in Customer Education & Advocacy. In this episode, he offers advice for creating holistic community initiatives and talks about using online community programs for support, knowledge base, and product outcomes.

Demystifying DevRel (Twitter Space) with Shubham Saboo - Shubham works as a head of DevRel at Tenstorrent and chats about the role of DevRel.

Empowering Employee Resource Group Leaders With Your Internal Community Platform with Lori Harrison-Smith - As an experienced community strategist within large organizations, Lori explains how Employee resource groups (ERGs) can benefit organizations.

The Management Model of Developer Relations with Shedrack Akintayo - As a DevRel Community Africa member, Shedrack details the reality of Developer Relations and its many facets.

DevRelCon Advice with PJ Hagerty - A fantastic episode of tips and tricks for DevRel professionals where PJ chats with several DevRel practitioners.

Developing Developer Relations at BigCommerce with Constanze Kratel - eCommerce and DevRel is an interesting topic that Constance explores in this podcast episode.

Going into 2023: DevRel Challenges and Hardships with Jonaed Iqbal - A DevRel coffee chat hosted by Marino Wijay.

We hope you enjoyed this list of podcasts and found at least one new show to add to your regular rotation. If you liked this article, follow us on Twitter or TikTok, where we share Developer Relations content and job opportunities. And if you know of a great podcast we should include in a future article, drop us a line!